Ahhhh, my old friend insomnia.

Where have you been all this while? Ohh, right.

Anyhow, April is starting to wind down, and it was an, overall, pleasant month all told. I've got a few leads on jobs I'm looking into, and perhaps if I snag one shortly, I'll get my sleeping schedule back in order. Quite frankly, I'm really, /REALLY/ bored now. It's not for lack of anything to do, no. I can always keep myself busy, but it's that latent feeling of the lack of responsibility and pressure.

Admittedly, I needed a lot of decompression. Lots of problems aggregate over a seemingly long period of time, but I think I've come as clear on any issues or problems as I'm going to for some time. My brain feels well ordered and relaxed, and my skin has cleared up a lot since the relief of stress. It's amazing what hormones and other bodily chemicals can do to you.

Let's see, what else is going on... D&D! I'm down from being involved with four games to two, one on Wednesday, one on Thursday. The Thursday one is going swimmingly, we rotate GM duties, and I get to play my favorite bat character (my only bat character,) Iosif. It's good stress relief for me to get to play a hedonistic, proud individual now and again.

Wednesday is the game that I run, and I love spending so much time writing for it. There's a very good, well established party chemistry that I enjoy screwing with from time to time, the plot is cogent enough, and my players seem to be really enjoying themselves! There's a substantial amount of player-level contributions in addendum to the GM work. Honestly, I say I write a ton for it, and I /do/, but realistically, I mostly have to ad-lib and improv act through many of my games when my players do things. I'm getting really good at that, though I think my character definition needs work. Gotta practice my silly voices in front of a mirror.

Coming up the first week of June this year, I'll be heading up to Canada to hang with my good friend Ollie and bike 'cross-country with him. That should be a hell of a trip, likely ending up in my legs falling off. ;) But I'm going to take the old draft horse with me; A 1994 Schwinn Traveler frame, donated by another friend and gussied up by me for a more tourishly inclined duty, with roadbike gearing. 2x10 speed SRAM Rival setup and a nice, cozy Brooks B17 for the long hauls. It should do the job juuuust fine.

I've been looking at replacement motorcycles lately, too, and if I land this job that I'm thinking of, I'll likely pick myself up something used in the 3-5.5k range, probably Italian, since I like working on bikes, and naked.

Anyway, that's about all that I have on my mind for the time being. May the wind be always at your back and the sun upon your face!

- Eddie
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Final Fantasy XIII Reviews/Opinions?

Anyone out there have any opinions or reviews on FF XIII? Pretty much what I've heard/seen suggests it's kind of an endless string of combats that are extremely pretty, but there's no real interaction-based encounters or non-combat encounters?

It sounds like the battle system is back to a situation that I like, nice and simple, not too frilly. But how's the leveling/etc...? I never did like the progression in the games from 8 onward, pretty much, since I felt it was a little too complex, and I've never been a big fan of mini-games.

It sounds like I'm an old fogey harkening to the old-days, but realistically, I just don't like spending a lot of my time leveling in games, I suppose. Didn't like the old job system, either, so nyah!

Drawing, gaming, and so on

Heh, finally got my password reset on here, so I feel is bears making a post.

Been drawing like mad lately. Anyone who hasn't taken a look lately should check my gallery on Furaffinity. With a lot of help from Ollie, Zach, and a few others, I've learned a lot (and very quickly) about sketching and coloring techniques. I take commissions on a case-by-case basis if anyone's interested, too.

Also, we're wrapping up a 3.5E Iron Kingdoms game soon, here. Over two years of time spent on that game, we're 17th level, and lots of history there for all the characters. I'm gonna miss it when it's gone, but I'm sure our GM will give us a satisfying ending!

I've been running 4E D&D for a while now and I like the mechanics of it, for the most part! I'm sad that it's strayed so far from the more artistic form it used to have, where more was left up to the GM to be creative and balance the game as he/she saw fit, and more was left up to the players to figure out how to use the tools they were given, but they did it for a good reason. Now there's very little room for interpretation of the rules, lending itself to a very balanced system for that reason. But for that very same reason, it also engenders a need to min/max, which I always had a distaste for, for whatever reason.

But those very minor complaints aside, I have a wonderful group in every case that I play with, and I enjoy writing for them. They seem very appreciative, which, of course, makes it all the more rewarding for me.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say!
SV Wheel

The 'ol SV for Sale...

I'm selling my '03 SV650, if anyone's interested. I'm making room for the bike I just got, financially and physically. Below is basically the ad that I'm gonna post to Craigslist, if I don't get any nibbles otherwise.

- - - - - - - - - -

For Sale: 2003 Suzuki SV650 Naked, $4200

For sale is my beloved 2003 Suzuki SV650, my beginner bike. I've put
a little over 20,000 miles on this guy, and still love it to this day.
In order to better suit my commute, and my desire to wander long
distances away, I recently purchased a Triumph Sprint ST, so in light
of not being able to ride two bikes with the frequency that I think is

This bike has had all of it's maintenance done on time or long before
needed. I'm a big advocate of prevent-or-repair, so I prevent all the
time. I do all of my own work, except mounting and unmounting tires
and balancing wheels.

Oil changes have happened every 3k, or in the rare case when it gets a
few months instead of 3k, I change it.

The price reflects how much money and how many extras come with this
bike. Below is the list:

- Pazzo Shorty Clutch/Brake Levers
- Factory Pro Shift Star Kit
- Suzuki Tank Bra
- Sargent Seat
- Rizoma Mirrors
- Rizoma Solid Aluminum Bar Ends
- Slightly Lower Aluminum Bars
- Cobra Fi2000R Engine Management (3-pot fuel adjustment)
- Scorpion Shorty Exhaust
- Lightweight Exhaust Hanger
- K&N Air Filter
- Stainless Steel Front Brake Lines
- Galfer HH Brake Pads, Front and Rear
- .90 Racetech Springs
- 20 Weight Fork Oil
- Revalved Kawasaki Ninja 636 Rear Shock
- Fender Eliminator Kit
- TRE (Timing Retard Eliminator)
- Rear Seat Eliminator Cowl
- Rear Seat Mount with Trunk (HUGE, holds quite a bit of stuff!)
- Metzler Sportec M3 Tyres (Front and Rear, of course)

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Mid-week Blab

Fuckin' Comcast, let-me-tell-you... Had several hours of internet outage, and they were giving me the run-around after ascertaining that the old cable modem had taken a giant crap, likely due to heat/power fluctuations. New cable modem, some bitching and threats over the phone later, and it's resolved.

My front derailleur came for my bike today. Switching it from a single front/seven rear to a fourteen speed (Compact double front/seven rear.) My new crank and chainrings come Friday. 34/50t.

I downloaded Google Chrome yesterday, and played around with it for an hour or so. Some formatting flaws with asx, and bizarre formatting 'standards.' You know what they say about standards; The great ting is that there's so many of them. Oy. Anyway, first impressions were favorable. Good and quick. Light, unobtrusive UI. Seemed plenty stable for light web browsing, but I haven't hit many media heavy sites with it. I hate using my Windows machine, though, so 'till a Mac port comes out, I probably won't be using it in practicum regularly.

That is all.

- Eddie
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Dingo Tattoo

It's on my right thigh, almost up on my hip, facing forward. It's awesome.

Also, I've got the WRX back, and it's just fine. And am almost done building my new-old bicycle that was donated to me from a friend.

- Eddie
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PowerBook G4

15" PowerBook G4 that I wanna sell.

1.5Ghz G4, 1GB of RAM, 60GB HDD, SuperDrive, Airport Card. It's certainly seen it's use, but is in perfect working order. The case is a little banged up and bent, as the aluminum ones tend to get, but as mentioned previously, works just fine.

I'm looking for $400 for it. If y'all might be interested, let me know. If not, I'll just drop it on eBay.

- E
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Well! Back from vacation.

Nine days of vacation did a WORLD of good for my mood and overall well-being. That being said, being rearended in my car... Twenty feet from where I was going to have lunch... Right out in front of a body shop... All do not do much for my pleasant demeanor.

I'm uninjured, it was a fairly low speed accident. I was setting up to parallel park, and got rearended but good by a auto glass delivery truck. Was quite jarring, to tell the truth. I've never been in an accident with another car, but I'll tell you, I wouldn't suggest it to anyone.

Pictures of the horrible, bloody carnage behind the cut. Well, okay, they're not really bloody at all. Or all that horrible.

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It's been pretty awesome lately, other than the accident. Been bicycling a lot, lately, for fun and exercise, as well as general in-town transit. Haven't been riding my motorcycle nearly as much, lately, but I'm gonna try and rectify that as much as I can. Enjoyed my Vegas trip quite a bit! Uhm, that's about all there is to report, I suppose!

Oh, if anyone wants to buy a 15.4" Apple PowerBook G4, 1.5Ghz, 1G of RAM, 60G HDD, et al, let me know! I'm trying to find a new home for the poor, neglected guy. =) My MacBook Pro gets all the love, these days.
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